Starter Package

Let’s introduce you and your restaurant to social media marketing! Social edia will be a new and overwhelming marketing tool for your restaurant and you might not know where to start…Well we are here to eliminate that with our ultimate social media marketing package. We will manage all social media platforms relevant to your restaurant, handle your Internet marketing and generate an email list. We will explore ways to increase your presence and your customer base. We will start to reach out to your existing customers and encourage interaction with them and lots more...Once we prove to you that social media marketing is a vital marketing tool for your business we can look and discuss a custom package for your restaurant.


We will discuss which aspects from the lists below will benefit your restaurant the most so your money will be spent in the most effective way possible.


We work on the basis of…


More Traffic = More Leads = More Paying Customers


Set up and management of Social Media channels. Creating and responding to posts on platforms that are relevant to your restaurant.  Primarily Facebook and Instagram work well as a starting point but all platforms will be considered. 

  • Instagram

  • Facebook Page

  • Twitter

  • YouTube Channel

  • Snapchat

  • Pinterest

Services Also Provided Include:

  • Evaluation of website/social media

  • Creation of brand story personalised for your restaurant

  • Production of high-quality photo/videos for all of your social media platforms

  • Techniques to drive traffic/activity to your website

  • Targeted marketing

  • Growing your presence on your social media platforms

  • Trackable results and reporting/analysis


Advertisement and Campaign Set Up/Management. Initially we will discuss an advertising budget with you which is affordable and will be effective to generate more paying customers but an initial budget of £75-£150 per month is a good starting point. You may ask what is the ideal budget…we say “You tell us”. Whatever the budget…we will get the results. However, the more you invest the more results you will receive. 


Initially we will test and trial various methods of advertising spend on:


  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads 


Once we find your ideal target audience and the most effective way to market your restaurant we will stick to this to make the advertising budget most effective…We will start the campaigns at the beginning of every month and reports of the results will be given at the end of the month and will be discuss during our monthly meetings. 

Our Policies and Advice 

I recommend that your restaurant should start with the starter package on a three-month contract. This will give us an indication if this is the right service for you and progress to a custom package once you are familiar with the effect social media marketing is having for your business. This three-month period will allow us to establish a profitable marketing platform.   


As well we offer a Cancel Anytime Policy in which you can cancel with 30/days notice. We offer these policies, as we do not believe in locking in our clients. If your restaurant does not see the value of our services you have a right to cancel anytime. If you have any questions or queries contact us.