Custom Package

Know what you want? Let’s get to work then…

This package is for restaurants who have already got a marketing budget, had experience with marketing, know what social media marketing is and know exactly what they want. Custom packages are unique to every restaurant and cater for your business needs. You will be fully in control of which services you want. 

We will organise a one-to-one meeting at your restaurant or wherever is most convenient for you. We will go through all of the packages and discuss in depth what exactly your business needs are. Once we have collected the relevant information we will build a bespoke and unique package for YOU. We will discuss which aspects from the lists below will benefit your restaurant the most so your money will be spent in the most effective way possible. 


More Traffic = More Leads = More Paying Customers


Basic services 

  • Set up and management of Social Media platforms...


Facebook Page 


YouTube Channel 



Google Plus 


  • Content Creation – Monthly production of high-quality photo/videos for all of your social media platforms.


  • Engagement – Engaging with your audience to build customer loyalty. 


  • In-depth Monthly Reporting – We will highlight and explain what we are doing to positively have an impact on social media, letting you know what is going on and keeping you in control. 


  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising – Creating and managing advertising campaigns.



Additional Monthly Services


  • SEO Ranking – We will explore Search Engine Optimisation to fully expand into Google. 


  • Email Marketing – Generating/managing an email list of your customers. 


  • Re-marketing – Re-market to an audience who have shown interest in your restaurant and who are more likely to become paying customers. 


  • Offer Awareness – Offering existing customers exclusive offers to build further loyalty among your followers.


  • Google – Set up and management of Google Plus to fully utilise your online presence. 


  • The Facebook Pixel – Allows us to track potential leads from your website and target them on Facebook. (Highly Recommended)


One Off Payment Services 


  • Website Consulting – Discussing with your web designer improvements to your website and optimisation for lead generation. 


  • Brand Story – Creation of a brand story personalised for your restaurant. 


  • Website Creation – Creating a bespoke website to be fully optimised for lead generation


  • Evaluation of Website/Social media – We will produce a report outlining all aspects on how you can improve your social media platforms and website.


Once we have discussed in-depth actually what your restaurant requires to turn social media into a marketing platform...we will need to discuss a advertising budget which is completely up to and down to how much you are willing to spend on social media marketing...We will give you an indiction of what we would recommend. Please note that we can change the advertising budget on a month-by-month basis.


Initially we will discuss an advertising budget with you which is affordable and will be effective to generate more paying customers. You may ask what is the ideal budget…we say “You tell us”. Whatever the budget…we will get the results. However, the more you invest the more results you will receive. 


Initially we will test and trial various methods of advertising spend on:


  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads 


Once we find your ideal target audience and the most effective way to market your restaurant we will stick to this to make the advertising budget most effective…We will start the campaigns at the beginning of every month and reports of the results will be given at the end of the month and will be discuss during our monthly meetings. 

Our Policies and Advice 

I recommend that your restaurant should start with the starter package. This will give an indication if this is the right service for you. As well I offer a Cancel Anytime Policy in which you can cancel with 30/days notice. I offer these policies, as we do not believe in locking in our clients. If your restaurant does not see the value of our services you have a right to cancel anytime. If you have any questions or queries contact us.