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​A "small scale" Social Media and Internet Marketing Agency that wants to have a Huge Impact on your restaurant, giving you great exclusivity and focus.

Based in Central London makes us easily accessible to you and your restaurants at a moments notice.

Specialising and focusing on setting up or improving a restaurant or bar’s social media presence and advising on internet marketing.

Helping restaurants and bars grow their business and increase customer loyalty.


Strategic Planning 

Content Creation

Paid Traffic


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Our Services

Social media is a particularly vital tool for restauranteurs and most importantly it allows you to keep in touch with your diners. 


However, nurturing customer loyalty and achieving repeat visits are just one of the benefits of social media campaigns and the service we offer can evolve with you allowing an organic growth pattern with specific packages that adjust with your needs. 


Social media marketing is cost effective but it does need gentle, consistent interaction, which for a busy restaurant owner can be too time consuming!


Our approach will be to strategically plan a well thought-out campaign.  You will be in control every step of the way and we will work closely together initially ensuring you are satisfied before anything is posted. 


Starter Package 

Let’s get started!  We will manage all social media platforms relevant to your restaurant, handle your Internet marketing and generate an email list. We will explore ways to increase your presence and your customer base. We will start to reach out to your existing customers and encourage interaction with them and lots more...

Custom Package 

We will organise a one-to-one meeting at your restaurant or wherever is most convenient for you. We will go through a list of services and discuss in depth what exactly your business needs... Once we have collected the relevant information we will build a bespoke and unique package for YOU.  

Recommended Approach...

New to social media and it's marketing capabilities? To introduce you and your restaurant to it let's start with our starter package. This package has all of the essential conponents to generate more paying customers and loyalty for your restaurant. Once you can see the positive effect of social media marketing we can move into looking more at what your restaurant needs with our customer package which is specifically  unique to your business.

Already know social media and it's capabilities? Great, sounds like you are ready for a custom package. This package is great for any restaurant that is already on social media...we will personally go through your social media, tell you what we think you need and you tell us what you want! Sound Good? This package will suit every situation... Already got someone managing your social media account but doesn't know how to advertise? Perfect, we can work along side them keeping them doing their job while we work on what we are great at! Getting you results. 



Content creation is a huge part of social media and one of the many services we offer. Here are examples of just some of the photography we could be producing for your restaurant...


Proud to have served...

We have worked with some of Central London's most unique and popular restaurants. All of our client's have generated more revenue through more paying customers coming from social media...Here are a few brands we have worked with...  

GOGI Logo.png

GOGI London

A unique Korean BBQ Restaurant serving Central London with one of the authentic Korean cuisine.

Maguro sushi logo.png


A tucked away restaurant serves London with the freshest and finest Sushi. Specialising in Japanese Cuisine.

Bullgogi Logo.png


London's first Urban Korean restaurant located in Notting Hill Gate. A sister restaurant to GOGI London.

Sushi Murasaki

A sushi restaurant chain that has two locations in Central London 

London Shell Co. Logo without background

London Shell Co.

A restaurant located in Paddington with a unique a cruising dining experience on a boat. 


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